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AutoTradeMax's TOS and Privacy Policy

--Membership Agreement: Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy.--
AutoTradeMax membership is allowed only to individuals of legal age, governed by your local government. At no time may an individual open an account with AutoTradeMax, by giving false information. Your account with AutoTradeMax, usernames, and/or transactions, may not be given, transferred or sold to any third party members. To obtain a membership, AutoTradeMax also requires a valid E-mail, to where AutoTradeMax or other members can reach you. If for any reason AutoTradeMax cannot reach you within reasonable time, your account will be suspended. Obtaining a AutoTradeMax membership is free. You may browse, contact other members, buy items, or maintain a "My AutoTradeMax" page free of charge. There is currently no fee for listing a product or products for selling on AutoTradeMax. Fees can be seen when choosing a package for your listing. AutoTradeMax's fees may be changed by AutoTradeMax at any time. Any promotions that AutoTradeMax wishes to introduce can be added and removed at any time with out notice to you. The fee for listing an item is non-refundable, unless any technical mistakes on AutoTradeMax's part or site are made. All refunds are subject to investigation by AutoTradeMax before any actual refund is processed. AutoTradeMax offers no more than just a service, which allows any person to communicate, offer, sell, and or buy just about any item, from any location and at anytime. AutoTradeMax does not make any decisions on the prices offered on items, and is also not involved in the transactions between sellers and buyers. It is up to the buyer to contact the seller, before the end of the listing, to ask any questions necessary. It is also up to the seller to ensure that all the information about the item is submitted with the listing. AutoTradeMax has no control over any of the items sold, so we encourage buyers and sellers to use common sense and check for any safety, quality, or legal issues that would have to do with any of the items sold through our service. Selling on our site is, in comparison, the same as advertising, so you as the seller or buyer hold all responsibilities regarding the item. As a seller, you agree to describe your item, and all terms of sale, to the best of your knowledge. All items must be listed in its corresponding category. AutoTradeMax lets you upload a text description, images, and links corresponding to the item for sale. You may not in any way mislead or lie on any of the item's description, prices, or images and links. All items you sell must be legally able to be sold by you. You cannot sell any items that violate any copyrights, trade marks, or are counterfeit, stolen, harmful to others, harmful to other's materials, or unlawful for selling. You must complete all transactions with the buyer upon payment. As a buyer, you agree to all terms and conditions of sale. You must complete all transactions with the seller. You must also be of legal age to purchase any items that are restricted to minors in your area. For example, adult material, example: machinery restricted to certain ages. Any incomplete transactions will result in account suspension. All suspicious activity must be reported to AutoTradeMax for account and case investigation. You must also never accept any sales from our members or non-members through outside our services, for example, emails, faxes, or phone calls. Any thing you accept that is outside our purposed services will not be considered an AutoTradeMax transaction. This agreement in no way implies that, we 'AutoTradeMax', any of its employees, 3rd party partners, or its members form a partnership, franchise, corporation, joint venture, or any special relations. This service is simply an advertising method to sell or buy items, from other AutoTradeMax members. We also do not guarantee any sales on you listings, and we do not guarantee successful transactions with other members. Our site and services are provided to you 'As Is' with out any warranty, or disclosures of any kind. AutoTradeMax does not sell any member's information, but does make it accessible to other AutoTradeMax members for communication purposes. Multiple accounts with different names are not allowed, and will be permanently suspended from our services. Any miss-use of member information, like email Spam or malicious acts is also a violation of this agreement.You agree to give AutoTradeMax a worldwide, royalty-free, right to all information you upload or supply AutoTradeMax with, to publicize, database, and manipulate without violation of this agreement. In order to access a AutoTradeMax membership you must agree to everything in this agreement, and must be aware that we can change this agreement from time to time, without any notice to you. Any disputes you have with our services, you must report it to us immediately. If for any case you do not agree with our services you must discontinue use of this site. You must also understand that AutoTradeMax operates under its own ownership, and is not owned, operated or have any special relations with any other company or site.